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Original Japanese Playstation Games

Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun.

If you have an original Playstation and you don't know about Japanese import games, then have we got a treat for you! Aside from the Playstation 1 having over 1.500 NTSC (US/CANADA) produced games, but there is literally double that on the import Playstation game front.

If you were wondering about "what so special about Japanese Playstation imports", then you obviously have not been informed properly. The Japanese Playstation is still on the same NTSC platform, however there are some AAA games that just never reached the US shores that were just plain awesome.

If you have an original Playstation, you could play these awesome titles with a little system modification depending on the type of console you had. There were 2 ways to play import Playstation games.  The first was using an internal "mod-chip", and the other was using a "game enhancer", both of which allowed you to region break the original Playstation game console and enable it to read Japanese formatted games on your US or Canadian Playstation system.

The original Playstation Game Enhancer Enables You to Play Japanese Games

Original Playstation Japanese Games Examples

- Dragon Ball GT

- Dragon Ball Ultimate Battle 22

- Cyberbots

- Metal Slug

Popular Japanese Import Game For Playstation

As you can see there is just a handful of really good games on Japanese import for the original Playstation. So with this in mind, if you think you have played everything the Playstation had to offer, then think again.

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