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What is the Original Playstation

It was the start of a new gaming era.

And that era started out with the next-gen leader that rose out of the ashes of the cartridge gaming systems. The original Sony Playstation was the first 32 bit gaming system to come into the market space at aecent price. for those that didn't know the original Playstation console was supposed to be an accessory add-on console to the famous Super Nintendo console by Nintendo.

Now this gaming legacy started in December of 1994 with the original release of the Sony Playstation. The same unit (of course with a good handful of revisions) which Nintendo declined to use as an add-on CD based unit for the Super Nintendo.

After only 10 years of it's release, it reached epic video game consoles sales of over 100 million worldwide. With it's incredible next generation graphics, 100's of original video game titles, and the ability to use it as so much more, the original Playstation has made it's mark in video game console history.

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